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GLP’s Local SEO Toolset

GLP Helps WordPress, HubSpot & Shopify Agencies Create The Best Geo Targeted Landing Pages at Scale

Discover the tool modern agencies use to deliver projects in record time.

GLP Helps WordPress, HubSpot & Shopify Agencies Create The Best Geo Targeted Landing Pages at Scale

GLP is trusted by some of the world’s top marketers and SEOs

 GLP is an all-in-one Local SEO Software that seamlessly integrates with your existing development workflows 

THE Tool To Dominate Local SERPS

Data driven SEO techniques and automation to produce high ranking, high converting geographically targeted landing pages.

How the GLP Cloud Builder Works

Step 1: Seed Page Design

Use your favorite page builder/theme to design a high converting landing page (Or use one of our data driven templates). 

Step 2: Write Content & Insert Variables

GLP shows you how to write and structure optimized content on your seed page. The content will include strategic variables like city names, page titles, meta descriptions, zip codes, maps, content, images file names, meta data, schema markup and more!

Step 3: Choose Your Cities And Input Data

Choose any number of cities you want to target and populate the cloud builder with content that will replace your variables.

Step 4: Let GLP Do The Rest

GLP creates all of your optimized landing pages and images, which you can easily download and upload into your CMS!

And Then…
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the show

  • Watch all of your geo pages get crawled, indexed and ranked faster than you ever thought was possible

  • You’re on to the next project in a matter of hours instead of weeks

  • Your clients’ phones are ringing consistently thanks to YOU

  • The value of your services increases significantly

  • GLP becomes your new favorite Local SEO tool

Kyle Roof
Legendary SEO & Co-Founder of Page Optimizer Pro
“I’m all about things that work. GLP is one of those things.  It just works. I’m not sure what else you could ask for; you get great looking pages that give you the best chance to rank and convert. These pages enhance user experience and provide real information to get in front of the right people in different locations.”

Braeden Fairbridge

Co-Founder, Your Story Agency

“This has been absolutely game changing for our business. I can’t describe how grateful I am.”

William Gee

Founder & CEO at WA Rank

“This is a special tool that is transformative for a digital marketing agency. I’ve seen the results first hand.  My decision to move forward with GLP is the best business decision I’ve made.”

More Humbling Testimonials…

Wesley Horton
Co-Founder, Design & Technology Lead
Brilliant Doc
“GLP is more than simply another tool in your digital agency toolbox. It is THE tool. GLP outlined the entire process of implementing powerful local SEO solutions into the website services we already offered and our clients love the results! My advice? Start using GLP to grow your business.”

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