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Bail Bonds SEO Case Study

The Bail Boys Bail Bonds

The outcome of this project was a 1,835.7% increase in organic traffic to the website. From 280 to 5,140 Google organic visitors per month and growing. As a result, The Bail Boys is on track to post 3X more bonds in 2022.


Bail reform in the state of California has caused the bonds market to shrink significantly over the last several years.

In 2021, The Bail Boys was already one of the largest bail bonds companies in SoCal. At the time, they were working with one of the most reputable legal marketing agencies in the U.S. – Scorpion.

Concerned that their existing agency was not performing, GLP Marketing was engaged to take over SEO and PPC campaigns with the goal of increasing total bonds by 20% year over year.


The solution to this problem involved migrating the entire website (100+ unique web pages) to WordPress, and implementing a comprehensive SEO campaign.

The migration to a new website was required due to Scorpion using a their own content management system that cannot be accessed by other agencies.

Like most of our websites, WordPress was recommended as the best possible solution given it’s proven SEO frameworks. Another key benefit of using WordPress was that the far majority of SEO agencies use it, giving The Bail Boys the ability to easily hire a new agency if GLP didn’t meet expectations.

Once the site was successfully migrated (1 month), GLP implemented advanced SEO techniques to gain traffic from potential customers.  

The work product was as follows:

Web Design & Web Development

Responsive design, accessibility, semantic HTML structures, website architecture, server architecture, and other technical components that impact how search engines can access, inspect, and rank The Bail Boys site.

Keyword Research

During the keyword research process we determined which keywords were most frequently searched by The Bail Boys potential prospective clients. We used these keywords to develop a content marketing strategy, how it should be structured, and where opportunities existed to boost the amount and quality of leads The Bail Boys would receive from their website.

Content Marketing

Once our most desirable keywords were identified we got to work on content. This included educational bail bonds content that establishes The Bail Boys as an authority (top of funnel) and direct response keywords like “Bail Bonds Los Angeles” (bottom of funnel). Our content marketing was developed to provide solutions, insights, and other relevant information to The Bail Boys target audience. 

On-Page SEO (website content, technical SEO, & relevancy)

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing a website to make it easier for Google (and visitors) to comprehend. For The Bail Boys, this included establishing a site architecture that follows best practices and ensuring that certain areas of each page are both structurally and semantically optimized, such as title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, body text, hyperlinks, lists, tables, schema markup, file names, meta data and more.

Local SEO & Google Business Profile Optimization

This included creating highly optimized geographically targeted landing pages, optimizing various Google Business Profiles, as well as profiles and citations around the web like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Off-Page SEO (Link building & domain authority)

Off-page SEO is the practice of building authority to your website through contextually relevant and trusted references (“links”) from other websites. This is one of Google’s top 3 ranking factors – and for good reason. Google’s goal is to provide users with the best possible results. One great way of doing that is by taking a close look at these mentions/references throughout the web.

Analytics & Reporting

At the very beginning of the project we identified key performance metrics and configured the various tools needed to track them. This involved tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, CRM, intake systems, and other key business operations software. There’s no better way to measure performance than with clear and reliable data you can track. 

PPC Campaign

We developed a new Microsoft PPC campaign optimized for phone calls and form submissions in our geographic area.


The outcome of this project was a 1,835.7% increase in organic traffic to the website. From 280 to 5,140 Google organic visitors per month and growing.


The Bail Boys is on track to post 3X more bonds in 2022.


“Prior to working with GLP, all of our marketing efforts were running through one of the most reputable legal marketing agencies in the United States. My goal was to grow the business an additional 20% in 2022 without incurring additional costs. At the time I really didn’t believe growing more than that would be possible. I was wrong. GLP rebuilt our website from scratch and took over all of our SEO and advertising campaigns just under 1 year ago. My business is on track to increase by 300% in 2022 because of their work. In these 12 months, I have more than 10 times the amount of visitors to my website from SEO and 5 times the amount of leads from paid advertising. I would recommend GLP to any legal business or law firm.” 

– Joshua K. 

Founder & CEO, The Bail Boys

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