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We Help Law Firms Lower Acquisition Costs & Boost Revenue With Explosive SEO

We Help Law Firms Lower Acquisition Costs & Boost Revenue With Explosive SEO

Make more, spend less.

We Specialize in SEO for Legal Professionals Globally

Partner with proven legal SEO experts.

3 (Not So) Simple Steps

Complete transparency, predictability, reliability and growth month over month.

Site Audit, Technology & Architecture

We start by doing a full audit of your site’s health and performance, prior to adding any technology required to scale a successful SEO campaign.

Keyword Research & Opportunities

In this stage, and in collaboration with you, we use various tools to aggregate a list of every possible keyword your prospective clients are looking for within your niche.

Content Creation, Optimization and Authority

This final stage is where the rubber meets the road, and we create valuable and optimized content to rank for the top keywords your clients are searching for right now.

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You Could Achieve

$4 million in annual recurring revenue. From 240 Google Organic visitors per month to 54,700 per month in 16 months. 

In a competitive industry where most “reputable SEO agencies” fall short, our unique approach and proprietary technology set us apart.  We deliver the most cost-effective, consistent, and predictable results of any marketing channel.

This is just one example of the competitive advantage our clients enjoy when partnering with us.

Success Stories

Find out why our clients work with us long term.

“All of a sudden there was exponential growth”

“Considering the fact that it’s been a little under a year and half to be at a point now where we’re getting about 30 leads a day and that number keeps growing day by day… It’s pretty impressive.”

“We’re getting daily calls”

“They did the work, and then from launch to today we have a 500% increase in the hits that we’re getting from our website. We’ve worked with LexusNexus, FindLaw, Thomson Reuters, Avvo, SuperLawyers and more. None of those compare.”

“The best team out there to do this kind of work”

“We’ve worked with other SEO providers, but we just found that Matt was next level in terms of bringing our message out to audiences that we hadn’t even thought about.”

“I would recommend GLP to any legal business or law firm”

My goal was to grow the business an additional 20%. My business is on track to increase 3 fold because of their work.

“I’ve honestly been astonished by the transformation in my practice.”

They genuinely care about my success and have gone above and beyond.

“I can’t describe how grateful I am”

“It’s not only what they’re doing in terms of software and strategies that they’re implementing thats more advanced, but the actual business that’s being generated as a result.”

“Outstanding Experience”

“From a business point of view, it’s the results. The results truly do speak for themselves.”

“Above and beyond”

“Their expertise, their knowledge, and their time. They just went above and beyond and we’re so grateful.”

“This has been massive for us”

“The only metric that counts is results. This has been massive for us and almost changed the way we do things overnight.”

Have any questions?

We’ve got you covered.

What makes GLP better than other SEO Agencies?

Results. We use proprietary technologies, systems and processes to do SEO efficiently and at the highest level. 

Communication. Always available, always on it.

Transparency. Clear and comprehensive reporting that helps you understand what we’re doing and the impact of those efforts month over month.

How much does it cost?

There are many types of legal niches and law firms, each with varying competition and capital requirements. Pricing is dependent on your practice area(s) and state. Book a call below for a free quote!

How long will it take to see results?

That depends on the current health and trajectory of your site.  Sites with existing traffic and domain authority see significant results within the first 90 days.

How can we learn more?

Book a call below and let’s talk!

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